AMG Products Inc is a vertically integrated primary packaging provider. AMG is unique in that we can supply our brand partners with the “complete package” all done at our own factories. This gives AMG an edge over many other primary packaging suppliers because we can supply the main package, the closure, the pump, sprayer or dropper etc. AMG is a complete solution for our brand partners when it comes to their primary packaging needs. We also have design capabilities for custom solutions. AMG provides renderings, engineering, sampling, and much more. Our production capabilities allow AMG to supply, airless components, jars & lids, PET HDPE and PVC bottles in all shapes and sizes as well as custom shapes, ¼ – 1 gallon HDPE, PET and PVC jugs, CRC caps, trigger sprayers, lotion & oil pumps, air pressure continuous spray bottles, plastic tubes, foil tubes, glass jars and bottles, droppers. AMG also has PCR solutions for almost all categories listed above. Our offerings are so wide and varied that AMG does not keep a stock catalogue because it would just be too many pages to make sense. Instead, we deal with our brand partners directly for all new and existing primary packaging requirements. Please feel free to reach out with any of your packaging needs.

AMG Products also has a robust secondary packaging division where we supply complete club store pallet packs with our fully vertically integrated process where AMG supplies all secondary packaging and handles the “pack-out” of the goods and loading of complete ready to go pallets for club stores. AMG also produces point of purchase displays for jar feeders, plastic and acrylic trays and shelves. All design services are in-house at AMG for all display and pallet pack projects. AMG has production capability in USA, China, Korea, Mexico and EU.